Officials in northern Australia are searching for what is described as a “large” saltwater crocodile believed to have killed a SCUBA diver this week. David Fordson, 49, was spearfishing with a friend in Bushie Islet in the Cairncross Island Group three miles off the coast of Cape York, Queensland when he was attacked and killed by what police are calling “a marine animal.”

Despite this vague description most people in the area believe it was a croc. Police have yet to confirm this theory but have said publically that the possibility of the attack animal being a saltwater crocodile was high.

Saltwater crocodiles, or salties as they are sometimes referred to in Oz, are apex predators that can reach over 20 feet in length and are known man-eaters. Salties are found throughout Australia’s marshes and river systems. They also inhabit coastal waters out to a mile or so. But not everyone is convinced a croc was reasonably for the attack. University of Queensland research biologist Hamish Campbell believes Fordson might have been killed by bull shark given that portions of his body were recovered hours after the attack.

Campbell told local reporters that when crocodiles attack something “there’s not really a body left to be discovered.”

A post mortem is planned for later this week.