As if soldiers didn’t have enough to worry about, now comes surveillance footage of a soldier being attacked and mauled by a bear while on duty (watch the upper left corner). The footage was supposedly shot on January 10th, at a military compound in Kamchatka, Russia, an area known to have some of the largest bears in the world.

The video shows a bear rush and attack a soldier. The soldier runs and the bear gives chase. The bear catches the soldier and pushes him to the ground. The bear mauls the soldier until two others run to the first’s aid to shoot the bear. Reports at this time are sketchy, and it is unclear how the attacked soldier is doing or if he is alive. The video was recently posted on the Sky Valley Chronicle website as well as

I wonder what accommodations are awarded in the Russian military for being attacked by a bear while on duty, or for shooting a bear in the defense of a fellow soldier.

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