Coors Light might want to consider changing its advertising slogan from The Silver Bullet to The Life Saver now that news has surfaced that a man stranded in Alaska survived for three days by eating cans of beer.

Clifton Vial became stranded more than 40 miles outside of Nome, Alaska on November 28 after his Toyota Tacoma veered into a snowdrift. With no cell service and wearing only jeans, a thin jacket, and sneakers the 52-year-old made every effort to free himself from the snow.

“I made an attempt at digging myself out and realized how badly I was stuck,” Vial told the Anchorage Daily News. “I would have been frost-bit before I ever got the thing out of there.” Realizing he would be in the snow for the long haul, Vial did whatever he could to endure the minus 17-degree temperatures. He filled his clothes with rags, stuffed tissue paper around his feet then wrapped them in a bath towel, and blanketed himself in a fleece sleeping bag liner. He turned his truck on intermediately to use the heater and listen to the radio. For food he turned to the few cans of frozen solid Coors Light he had. “I cut the lids off and dug it out with a knife.”

When Vial didn’t show up at work the next afternoon coworkers suspected something was amiss. Coworkers searched for Vial in town but when they failed to locate him they contacted the authorities. The next day police, state troopers, and the fire department searched for Vial on the ground and from the air.

They found him early Thursday morning, roughly 60 hours after he became stranded. He was in good health although 16 pounds lighter than before he became stranded.
At least he had that beer!