Possible results of deer urine scent: successful hunting. Or, for two teenage rascals in Fort Payne, Alabama: charges of felony criminal mischief and misdemeanor theft. The pair set off deer bombs inside clothing pockets at WalMart and ruined $11,000 worth of apparel.

WalMart management provided images from security cameras to the police, who were then able to identify the boys within a day. “If they’re local, we’re gonna know ’em,” said Randy Bynum, Chief of the Fort Payne Police Department.

The teens managed to leave the store after dropping the scent bombs. Shoppers in the vicinity of the children’s clothing area, where the bombs went off, noticed the stench immediately. “As I’m told by a lot of the hunters in our department, it’s a distinctive smell,” Bynum said.

Odors from these bombs can drift a quarter mile in a light breeze. But there will be no deer storming America’s largest grocery retailer; the damaged goods have been removed.

Nothing a bit of cologne couldn’t fix… Have you ever wound up with scent dispersed where it shouldn’t be?