Corey Rossi, Alaska’s Division of Wildlife Conservation Director, quit his job Thursday after being charged with 12 criminal hunting violations, according to the Bellingham Herald.

The charges come from a 2008 bear hunt in which Rossi allegedly lied in reports about out-of-state hunters killing black bears. He is also accused of illegally guiding the hunters.

According to the Herald, Rossi was a controversial pick for Conservation Director. Critics from the division of wildlife conservation argue that Rossi was unqualified, but was appointed to the position because he had close ties to then Governor Sarah Palin. Rossi does not have a college degree or scientific training, according to the Herald.

Rossi is accused of the following misdemeanors:
• A permit hunt report violation
• Three counts of making false statements on a black bear sealing certificate
• Two counts of unsworn falsification
• Unlawful possession of an illegally taken bear