Weekend revilers at Sussex Inlet, on the New South Wales south coast of Australia were witness to a violent act of stupidity against a protected species this weekend when an unidentified man bludgeoned a juvenile great white shark to death on a public boat ramp. Witnesses said that the 40 something year old man beat the six foot shark with a pole despite pleas from bystanders.

One witness, who asked not to identified, told the Herald Sun “My five-year-old daughter was in tears. It was horrible, with this guy beating the shark to death with a long metal pole. There were dozens of people there and people were pleading with the men to stop it, but they [he] just killed it in front of everyone.” After killing the shark the man reportedly asked the crowd if anyone wanted some shark meat.

Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries) officers are actively searching for the shark killer as great whites are fully protected in all Australian waters. Killing a great white carries a fine of up to about $11,400 is U.S. dollars and a two-year jail sentence.

I for one hope they catch this idiot and throw the book at him.