I can’t believe how lucky I am. And just how lucky my lady friend is about to be.

I came across this item earlier today over at while doing a little online shopping for my lady friend Aishwarya Rai. (Remember guys, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away.) And right away, I knew it would be something she’d love.

The item’s description reads, “Gold Alligator Bustier with two preserved real alligator heads attached to the breast plates surrounded by a mantel of earth tone feathers. Nutria fur panels line the sides of the bustier with rhinestone appliques from India in the center.”

Yes, I admit it is a bit of a selfish gift on my part but who doesn’t like to see their woman in beautiful lingerie? I know I do. And I know Aishwarya is going to love modeling it for me. That alone is worth the $210 price tag plus shipping! Am I wrong, guys? And ladies, will she not love this? Comment below!