Release your inner raccoon the next time you’re in Sweden by staying at the Treehotel near the town of Harads.

As the name implies, the Treehotel is a getaway consisting of 24 rooms suspended 13 to 19 feet off the ground in trees. Founders Kent and Britta Lindhall said they were inspired to build the unique hotel by the 2008 film The Tree Lover (A favorite of Outdoor Life readers, I’m sure), which centers on three city dwelling friends who build a tree house together.

The hotel boasts that it was constructed from sustainable methods and materials, and has minimal impact on the landscape. Rooms do not feature showers but do have toilets that either burn or freeze waste. Hope the toilets do this after the user is finished.

Rates start around $480. Interested? Comment below!

Photo from Treehotel.