The Indianan Department of Natural Resources apparently has no comment on the issue of high-fence hunting operations. This take-no-position position came to light last week during a committee meeting in Indianapolis to determine whether the state should legalize high-fenced hunting.

Such a move would be good news for the four high-fenced hunting preserves already operating in the state but a disappointment to critics who feel such operations are unethical and hold the potential to spread disease to wild animals.

The DNR’s latest move – or non-move – comes as a shock to those who remember when the state pushed to shut down high-fenced hunting under previous Governor Mitch Daniels. The Governor’s then DNR Director Kyle Hupfer determined that his agency hadn’t authorized the game breeders permits that high-fenced hunting preserves operated under. Hupfer moved to shut down the operations but first gave the General Assembly time to change the law. Endless debate followed and a change in the law never came about.

Determined to shut the preserves down, Governor Daniels had the DNR pass rules to ban them. This action brought about a lawsuit by Whitetail Bluff preserve owner Rodney Bruce to keep his business open. The lawsuit, which remains unsettled, halted any movement on the DNR’s part to shut such operations down.

Bruce and the other preserve owners want a ruling one way or the other soon. We’ll keep you posted as developments come about. Until then comment below!