Comedic observer and profiteer of the redneck lifestyle, Jeff Foxworthy, granted a conservation easement on more than 1,000 acres to the Chattahoochee Valley Land Trust last week. The land under the easement is part of a 3,000-acre parcel 100 miles south of Atlanta that Foxworthy purchased as an investment in 2003.

A conservation easement is where a landowner voluntarily agrees to give land to a Conservancy that will be responsible for monitoring the property. In exchange, the landowner can limit the type and amount of development made on the land while retaining ownership of the property. And the terms made under the easement will apply to all future owners of that land.

Foxworthy explained his decision to grant the easement in an interview with Radio & TV Talk blogger Rodney Ho. When Foxworthy said, “As someone who grew up in Atlanta and watched it explode, I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool if this could be here forever and nobody could develop it?'”

Chuck Leavell of the Mother Nature Network, who helped Foxworthy with the easement process, praised the comedian’s decision in an email to Ho. The email read, “Jeff Foxworthy is not only a great talent, he is a great outdoorsman and environmentalist, he has really stepped up to the plate with this conservation easement, and it shows he is serious about being a good steward of his land. He stands as a model for others, and I admire his willingness to make this bold move. Jeff, you ROCK!”

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