Now that Great Lakes region wolves have been removed from the Endangered Species List, management responsibilities for the species in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin fall on the state governments. In Minnesota, wolf management will most likely include hunting and trapping and a season could open as early as next fall, according to the Star Tribune.

It will be up to the state Legislature to organize a season and bag limits. And the biggest question of how many wolves should be taken, remains unanswered.

But still, there’s a good chance hunters in the North Star State will get a crack at Canis Lupus for the first time since the species was put on the protected list 35 years ago.

“I think there’ll be a great deal of interest in hunting wolves, at least initially,” Dennis Simon, Minnesota DNR wildlife chief told the newspaper. “But I think it will be more difficult than people anticipate. We could end up with a smaller core of people willing to put in the time.”