Sarah McKinley, an 18-year-old mother of an infant son, took aim and didn’t miss on the night of December 31st, only days after losing her husband to cancer on Christmas. McKinley shot a man after he broke into her home with an accomplice. The two men attempted to rush McKinley and her son with a 12-inch knife.

When the men began breaking into her home, McKinley called the police and explained what was happening, staying on the phone with them through the entire ordeal. She also told the police dispatcher that she had two guns, and asked if it would be okay to shoot the intruders when they opened the door to the bathroom where she was hiding.

The dispatcher said that they couldn’t tell her that she could shoot them (for legal reasons) but she could do whatever was necessary to protect herself and her son.

When the cops arrived on the scene and found the man dead, they said McKinley’s actions were justified, reported ABC News.