Pennsylvania’s Act 54 — a new poaching law that was supposed to be tough on criminals — recently set the bar low with a weak sentence from Bradford County’s Common Pleas Court Judge Jeffrey Smith.

Sixty-year-old, Everett Leonard faced a potential seven years in prison with a $43,000 fine, and his 32-year-old son Everett Tyler a whopping 24 years with a $100,00 fine for the slaughter of 32 whitetail deer on two separate occasions, in Armenia Township in 2010. Or at least that’s what Act 54 would have allowed if there weren’t a lack of mandatory minimums.

In the end Everett was only fined $2,300 and his son $3,550 with 18 months probation upon their release, reports

Pennsylvania Game Commission attorney Jason Raup who attended the sentencing stated, “This case was a poster child for the high penalties the legislature put into Act 54,” Raup added. “So if a judge wouldn’t apply them to this, what would he apply them to?”

What do you think a fair punishment would have been?