A possum was discovered on a Manhattan-bound subway train in New York City last Friday–nothing strange about this incident unless you consider the fact that it was Friday the 13th. While rats and pigeons are often found roaming the city’s mass transit system, this is possibly the first time a possum has been found on board a train.

“A wild animal? This is the first anybody could remember,” Charles F. Seaton, a transit authority spokesman, told The New York Times.

The possum was discovered napping comfortably under a seat next to a warm radiator around 4:30 a.m. Passengers noticed the animal shortly after the doors closed. The D train was evacuated upon arrival at the West Fourth Street station in Manhattan so police officers could apprehend the pink-tailed-rat-want-to-be.

Animal control agents were later called in after the possum hissed at the men in blue. The possum was quickly captured and the train was put back in service after a 27-minute delay.

What exactly happened to the possum, however, remains a mystery. Calls made by The New York Times to the New York Animal Care and Control went unanswered. A tweet posted by @SubwayPossum on Wednesday read, “So snarling = RESISTING arrest now? I told ’em my brother’s a cop on Long Island, but they said after the ticket-fixing thing no more favors.” This possibly alludes that the tree rat is alive and doing well.