The Georgia Senate is considering a bill that would allow hunters to utilize suppressors (silencers) on rifles and shotguns when hog hunting. According to the Morris News Service, the bill came about at the urging of sheriffs who want to cut down on the number of noise complaints they receive about hunters.

Republican Senator John Bulloch from the south Georgia town of Ochlocknee took the sheriff’s concerns to heart by sponsoring what is now known as Senate Bill 301. Bulloch feels the bill will not only help with noise complaints but also allow hunters to take more than one hog at a time since the lower decibel shot will most likely fail to scare off any additional pigs.

The bill was unanimously approved by the senate’s Natural Resources Committee Wednesday and will hopefully pass into law soon. Hunters interested in utilizing a suppressor will be required to obtain a federal permit.

I, for one, think this is a great idea and one that is long overdue. What are your thoughts? Comment below!