Wisconsin residents will be able to legally shoot wolves beginning mid-February at the latest. Well, some citizens anyway.

Gray wolves (Canis lupus) are expected to be de-listed from the Federal Endangered Species list in Wisconsin come January 27. This move gives management authority to the state which has already stated its intentions to allow landowners or people leasing land to shoot wolves if they are attacking domestic animals on their land.

Individuals can apply for the permits beginning this week. Wisconsin’s DNR Area Wildlife Biologist Fred Strand explained to the Northlands News Center, “This is different then a public hunting or trapping season, this is strictly to livestock owners on their own land to take control actions of wolves that either have or potentially will cause damage to their livestock.”

The permit will initially be good for 90 days.

Conditions under which shooting permits would be issued include the following:

1.) Landowners who have had verified attacks on livestock or pets on their property within the last two years can request permits.

2.) Landowners with vulnerable pets of livestock, and whose property lies within 1 mile of a property that has had a depredation during the same year can obtain permits.

3.) Farmers with livestock in DNR designated proactive control areas can request permits.

4.) Farmers who have had verified harassment of livestock can receive permits.

5.) Any landowner in an area where a perceived human safety situation occurs can be granted a permit.

(List courtesy of Northlands News Center)