Let’s start the weekend with something light and a bit funny, like with a video of a girl getting bit by a zebra. (It’s ok. The girl wasn’t hurt and even she thinks it’s funny – now.) The girl, Meagan Sweatman, was bit by a zebra (normally a herbivore) while trying to pose with the animal at a drive through safari park. When she pulled away from the window to better frame the shot, the zebra let it be known he wasn’t pleased. He promptly clamped down on her shoulder.

Sweatman apparently has better manners than me, as what she screamed in shock was profanity free: “It bit my shoulder! Oh my god!” Although this was the first time Sweatman got bit by a zebra, she did have a run in with a zebra during an earlier visit. She told the Today show that a zebra charged her car with flared teeth during a 2010 visit. Sweatman also told the Today show that the bite wasn’t serious and only required some ointment to treat.