Calif. Fish and Game Commissioner Attacked for Legally Hunting Mountain Lion

In case you haven’t heard, California is a little screwed up.

The latest tarnish on the Golden State comes from controversy surrounding California’s Fish and Game Commissioner Dan Richards. Richards legally hunted a killed a trophy mountain lion in Idaho last month ending his 5-year quest to shoot a big tom.

“[It was the] most physically exhausting hunt of my lifetime. Eight hours of cold weather hiking in very difficult terrain,” Richards told UT San Diego.

Good for him right?

Well, apparently a handful of animal rights activists as well as California residents aren’t so happy for Richards. Among the naysayers, Wayne Parcell, the President of The Humane Society of the United States, attacked Richards saying “He’s supposed to be representing the interests of all California citizens. It seems like such a tone-deaf action. What part of ‘no’ doesn’t he understand.”

Mountain Lion hunting is illegal in California since it was voted down in 1990.

California Assemblyman Jared Huffman said he may try to kick Richards off the commission.

It would take a majority vote from the state Legislature to remove Richards from his post.

Lets hope, for the sake of sanity, that they don’t get it.