Meredith Lowell, 27, needed something shocking–an event to make a bold statement–prior to her distributing leaflets on the evils of animal abuse. So she went on Facebook to solicit the murder of a random fur wearer to take place outside a library or playground–you know, some place social–in her hometown of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

According to investigators, the FBI was notified in November that Lowell had offered between $830 to $850 on a Facebook page, created under the alias of Anne Lowery, for the murder of a random fur wearer. An FBI employee posing as a hitman responded. Lowell offered the undercover agent $730 or the equivalent in jewelry to kill a victim at least 12 years old but “preferably 14 years old or older.”

The New York Daily News reported some of Lowell’s instructions: “You need to bring a gun that has a silencer on it and that can be easily concealed in your pants pocket or coat. … If you do not want to risk the possibility of getting caught with a gun before the job, bring a sharp knife that is (at least) 4 inches long, it should be sharp enough to stab someone and/or slit their throat to kill them. I want the person to be dead in less than 2 minutes.”

Investigators said she planned on being arrested, and that she was going to use the incident as an opportunity to call attention to her beliefs and to get out of the house she shared with her family, who ate meat and eggs and used fur, wool and leather. The New York Daily News also reports that reprinted emails of Lowell’s stated her belief that liberating animals from laboratories and fur farms was no different than soldiers liberating people from Nazi camps in World War II.

Uh, I see a difference. Do you?

Lowell is currently being held until trial.