There are two bills being hashed out in the Idaho state Legislature that would allow landowners to sell their hunting tags to the highest bidders.

The current law allows landowners to transfer tags to other hunters, but they cannot charge for them. There’s an appreciation program that designates deer, elk and pronghorn tags in a separate pool for people who own at least 640 acres in lottery units. However, if Senate Bill 1282 or Senate Bill 1283 are passed, landowners in these areas would be allowed to cash in on their tags.

There has been strong opposition against these kind of laws in the past because in a way, they work to privatize wildlife, according to the Idaho Statesman.

If Senate Bill 1282 is passed, it would require any landowners who sold tags to open their land up for public access. Senate Bill 1283 would not require landowners to open their property to the public after selling tags.

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