Australia’s duck season is about as controversial as wolf hunting is here in the U.S. Each year, hundreds of anti-hunting protesters flock to duck marshes on opening day in hopes of impeding the hunt.

In an ironic twist, one of these protesters is now being charged for not killing an injured duck.

This from the Herald Sun

_”Anthony Murphy, 56, of Brunswick, plans to fight the charge of ‘failing to kill game taken alive’ and a separate charge of operating noise-producing equipment in the Hirds Swamp game reserve near Kerang in June.

Outside Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, Mr Murphy said the Pacific Black duck he was trying to save had been shot by a hunter while in flight over the wetlands, and landed in water.

He said he was trying to take it to a vet to save its life but it had died some time later.

Hunting laws require birds to be ‘dispatched’ or killed as quickly and humanely as possible after being shot if they remain alive.”_