The temperature cracked 80 degrees here in Fredericksburg, Texas this weekend, which means 100 degrees is just a few weeks away – just the way I like it! This warmer weather, of course, runs my thoughts toward hunting. Yes, I hunt in hot weather. I can’t stand the cold, and as such, I turned my hunting passion toward the hot spots of the world years ago.

I’ve hunted javelina in west Texas when the air topped 101 degrees, alligators in swamps where the water boiled at 85 degrees, and springbok in Africa’s Great Karoo desert when the air on the horizon warped. My favorite hunting locales, however, have always been the jungles. I’ve hunted cassowary in Papua New Guinea, cougar in the Yucatan, and have plans to hunt a host of species in the northern Australian rain forest next year.

But finding footwear for such environments has been a difficult challenge. Think about it; how much warm weather hunting gear have you seen in Cabela’s? So when Russell Moccasin, a custom boot and shoemaker that specializes in footwear for hunters and outdoors men and women, asked me to design a boot specially suited for all places hot, humid and dank, I jumped at the chance. The result is the Gayne Young Jungle Hunter “PH.”

Please, please. Hold the applause.

The boots are handmade of waterproof American Bison leather, are 7 inches high with triple vamp construction and equipped with a Silvato sole that carries a modest tread. Awesome, huh? No? Well, what if I told you that we are going to give away a pair? Oh, you like that? And we’ll also throw in a pair of Texas Hunt Company Omni-Gaiters. That makes this package worth almost $500. Even better, right? I thought so. Now quit squealing and let me tell you how to win this awesome swag.

Tell us about your dream hunt with me. Be sure to include the locale (must be above 80 degrees) and species (legal species only please). The best, most creative answer wins. Enter as often as you like. Start now.