A group of junior high and high school students left their youth night at St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Texas on Sunday to to find a SWAT team surrouding them at gun point, reports

Luckily, it was all one big misunderstanding.

One of the youth group members brought his paintball gun to the meeting in the hopes of getting his friends into the activity. A bystander saw one person with a “gun” and other kids without firearms, assumed that there was a hostage situation and called the authorities.

The police responded at about 6:15 p.m., asking the kids — who didn’t know they were surrounded until they went to leave — to walk out with their hands in the air.

The kids were clearly unnerved, but the SWAT team quickly discovered the mistake and everyone when home in one piece.

This should serve as just another reminder that, as hunters and shooters, we need to be extra careful with how we handle guns (or anything that even looks like a gun) in this hyper-sensitive environment.