After watching this video, which has been making its way around the outdoors industry, my question is: What the hell is wrong with these guys? Constructing a solid argument that shooting hogs from a helicopter is not hunting would be a waste of time.

Shooting hogs from a helicopter is a management strategy. It’s one of the most efficient ways to cull these invasive, habitat-damaging animals. That makes sense, take’em out.

But what we see in the video is the exact opposite of the clean, quick killing that real conservationists know is the key to any culling strategy. The shooter in this video makes some good shots, but he appears to make some bad shots high on the shoulder, too. Also, it’s clear that in at least two occasions it takes multiple shots to kill the pig. I would hate to see the shots that were left on the editing room floor in the making of this video.

My main problem is his irreverence for the animals he’s killing. It’s a black eye for all of us. You can try to make it clear that this isn’t hunting, you can hope to create some distance between your quiet evening in the treestand and this heli-shoot, but the guy in the video is wearing hunter’s camouflage. He’s using the same crossbow we carry into the woods and he’s affiliated with a hunting show.

The outside observer is not going to look deep enough to see the difference between this video and actual hunting.

We can thank these guys the next time legislation that would legalize crossbow hunting gets shot down because someone makes the argument that crossbows injure too many animals.

We can also thank them the next time an anti-hunter postulates that anyone wearing camouflage is a bloodthirsty, thrill-killer.

That’s my gut-level take on this footage, which is apparently scheduled to be shown an upcoming hunting show. What’s your opinion?