The latest hot spot in Vegas allows visitors to Sin City to double down on targets at full auto.

Machine Guns Vegas, which bills itself as “The Firearm Experience,” immerses customers in high-octane action by allowing them to shoot handguns, semi-automatic and fully-automatic guns in a luxury setting with a “night club mood.”

Wannabe action stars can choose from such packages as World at War, Femme Fatal, Seal Team IV, and The Compound and opt for such thrill provides as the fully auto M60, Tommy Gun, Uzi, and Grease Gun. Prices start at $350 per person and despite the ultra-lounge feeling no alcohol is allowed. However I’m sure betting on whether your buddy flinches when he puts fifty rounds through the M60 from the hip Rambo style is perfectly acceptable.

I tried to get out to Machine Guns Vegas when I attended the Safari Club International Convention there in February but never made the time. After watching video from Fox News however though I’ve decided I definitely need to hit the range when I get back out there.

Would you visit Machine Guns Vegas for some gun fun next time you’re out west? Do you think clubs like this will catch on across the country? Comment below!