A ban on wild boars is set to take place on Sunday in Michigan to deal with the state’s growing invasion.

Under the ban, game ranches in Michigan can no longer possess wild boars, reports Local 4. Many wild boars escape from game ranches, and go on to damage crops, carry disease and pose harm to humans and other animals. The hogs have been spotted in 72 of Michigan’s 83 counties, reports the DNR.

Some conservationist groups believe that there are no benefits to having the hogs around besides sport hunting.

“We should think of these things not as game animals but as 300-pound cockroaches,” Pat Rusz, Director of Wildlife Programs at the Michigan Wildlife Conservancy, told Local 4.

Game ranchers of course, argue the ban will hurt their business.

There is currently a year-round open season on wild boars in Michigan. A person with any type of valid license or a concealed pistol permit may take a hog on public property. Michigan is even considering putting up a bounty for taking the boars.