Believe it or not, the New York Times is rallying a defense for eating meat. A Times‘ column, called The Ethicist, is hosting a contest asking readers to send in a short essay on why it is ethical for people to eat animals.

This from the Times

“Some of the more conscientious carnivores have devoted themselves to enhancing the lives of livestock, by improving what those animals eat, how they live and how they are killed. But few have tried to answer the fundamental ethical issue: Whether it is right to eat animals in the first place, at least when human survival is not at stake.”

This is actually a pretty interesting question. It’s not whether we like eating meat, or if it’s nutritious to eat meat, but rather, why it’s ethical to eat animals.

As a carnivore, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Answer the Times’ question in the comments section below! The reader with the best answer will win a set of Buck skinning knives to help prepare his or her next meal. Contest ends April 2.