A Monterey County, California woman’s fear of clocking a coyote with her car led to her spend the night in her vehicle after she ran off the road. reports that Carrie Joseph, 55, was driving northbound on Thursday night April 12, when a song dog ran in front of her 2006 Dodge Charger.

Joseph swerved to avoid hitting the animal. Her tires left the road and she rolled down a 250-foot embankment.

Joseph spent the night in the car before climbing the embankment the next morning where she flagged down a motorist for help. First responders arrived at 10:48 a.m. (almost 15 hours after she ran off the road). She was taken to Twin Cities Community Hospital in Templeton where she was treated for “minor” injuries.

Joseph is extremely lucky she escaped with only minor injuries. She could have very easily died when her car plummeted off road. Remember, no coyote is worth your life!

Don’t swerve to avoid hitting wildlife. Do like the old football coach who taught my Driver’s Ed class way back in the 1980’s said, “Turn that crap off my radio! Oh, and never swerve to avoid hitting a dog or deer or some other animal. Plow on through it and pray.”