We recently asked you to weigh in on why it is ethical to eat meat–the reader with the best response would win a set of Buck skinning knives.

After looking through all the answers, we picked Joyce Petriseva, who wrote:
“Living in a world and area that has abundant wildlife the question has come up before why it is ethical to eat meat. First off as a hunter I am also an environmentalist and conservationist. I take into consideration the habitat that these animals live in and what it takes for a healthy ungulate herd to survive weather it is Deer, Elk, Moose, Cattle,and yes even predators. What we are facing today is smaller habitat areas for wild game livestock to live. The human populations are growing and the demand for for for millions of people demand that we continue to raise livestock.Is it ethical for man to manage these animals weather they are domestic livestock for human consumption or the wild animals to keep them from starving to death or spreading disease? My answer is yes. From the point of view of a retired rancher is it ethical for me to make a living raising beef cattle for human consumption? It is not only ethical but is my right. It would be unethical not to eat the animal we kill,and letting the meat go to waste. It would be unethical to allow wild game herds to starve to death because of lack of habitat, and room to propagate in a healthy environment. It would be unethical not to manage predators to the point they are spreading disease to humans and domestic pets. So yes it is ethical to eat meat from that stand point as we were not intended to let anything go to waste. The Native Americans used everything from meat, to tendons to bones on any animal they killed, that was the ethical thing to do.”_

Hope you enjoy the knives, Joyce. Thank you to all who participated in the contest, and stay tuned for future giveaways!