Minnesota is home to more wolves than any other state in the lower 48, and now North Star State hunters are finally going to have a hunting season, or two.

State officials are hustling to finalize plans for two wolf hunting seasons this fall. One will start on the opening day of deer season and another will start in December and probably run during the planned wolf-trapping season, according to the Star Tribune.

The plan is to have quotas for each season which requires hunters to follow online the number of wolves killed. Once the kill quota is reached, the season will close.

The Minnesota DNR lobbied for only a single stand-alone wolf season, but in order to meet hunters’ requests, Gov. Mark Dayton signed a bill that calls for another hunt that coincides with the deer season.

The bill highlights an important point about wolf hunting: Not many hunters are dedicated or skilled enough to hike into the Northwoods in the middle of winter to track down and kill a wolf. Most wolves will likely be killed by trappers or deer hunters.