The barracuda is one of the fastest fish in the sea. Fortunately for Kevin Faver, producer of television’s “Tales from the Outdoors,” he is a little faster.

The longtime angler had a close call with a 40-pound barracuda Sunday while fishing off the coast of St. Augustine, Fla. Faver was reeling in the fish when it rocketed from the water and onto his boat. The flying fish was inches from clocking Faver in the head.

Faver told Local, “When a barracuda gets hooked, they jump. See it hundreds of times. Never had one jump in my boat, especially one this big. I can’t believe it happened and don’t want it to ever happen again.” Faver added that getting footage of such an event was even more spectacular. “I’ve been doing TV shows 12 years now, and to have that happen when rolling is almost impossible. To have that on video is unbelievable. It’s skyrocketing at me and it’s the fish I have on my line and obvious first reaction is get out of the way.”

The fish was returned to the sea unharmed.

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