The only downside to my love of extreme heat is that high temperatures occasionally bake my brain. Just seers the memory out of my mind. I think. I can’t seem to recall. What I do recall, albeit many months after the fact, is that we failed to pick a winner for the “Tell Us About Your Fantasy Hunt, Win This Pair of Russell Moccasin Safari Boots!

Not just any boots mind you but a pair of Gayne C. Young designed and named for Jungle Hunter PH. These babies are handmade, made to measure, and ready for your worst excursion afield (And at a retail price of $440 a pretty damn nice pair of boots to win!). Not only that but the winner also gets a pair of Texas Hunt Company Omni-Gaiters. So congratulations to our winner. I’m sure you’ll love your new boots and gaiters.


Oh. I forgot to name a winner. There goes that memory of mine again, just frying like some sizzling pack of bacon. The winner of the Gayne C. Young Jungle Hunter PH boots and Texas Hunt Company Omni-Gaiters is…Sven_Katur!!! His entry not only detailed an awesome idea for a hunt but gave good thought to the design of his custom made boots. Sven, I can’t fulfill your hunt fantasy but I can insure you’ll be well-heeled when your dream becomes reality. Congratulations! Here’s Sven’s winning entry. I loved it.

Gayne–Picture me pointing to the outfield wall on this one …

You … me … the Florida Everglades … PYTHON hunting!

Pick your weapon of choice (bare hands for the more adventurous to double-barrel shotgun for those a little more cautious). Not only would it be a great follow-up piece for you, we’d be helping to eradicate an invasive reptile, contributing to advancement of science, assisting Congress with new legislation and procuring the raw goods for some really nice mementos of our time together (i.e. boots, belts and wallets). Who knows, maybe the Gayne Young Jungle Hunter boots could even garner mass appeal with some python-skin accents?