John Rorapaujh thinks Canadians are going about their attempts to free the Great White North of snakeheads all wrong. Fishing for the invasive species won’t work. Nailing them with a bow and arrow will.

Rorapaujh is a member of the Potomac Snakehead Tournament and his comments come on the heels of news that crews from the Canadian Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations have been unable to clear Burnaby’s Central Park of snakeheads.

Officials have tried sweeping the lake and shocking it with electricity to no avail. Well, no avail other than a few carp and turtles. Rorapaujh informed Canada’s News 11:30 “The most effective way of capturing them is by bow and arrow.”

Mr. Rorapaujh went on to explain the fine art of bowfishing and suggested that a Canadian snakehead tournament is just the ticket to ridding the park of the fish.

While I’m not sure that bowfishing will be the end-all of end-alls for the snakehead, but I do think it would be far more productive than what the Canucks have been doing so far.

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