There are some places in the northeast where a bear in your front yard isn’t a big deal, but Brookline and Cape Cod aren’t on that list.

So what is it that has a rogue bear travelling 100 miles back to the coast?

On Tuesday, a bear was reported to be hanging out in the Brookline treetops of a $4.9 million home, six miles from downtown Boston. Police confirmed it to be the same bear found in Cape Cod that had been relocated100 miles away to Central Massachusetts on June 11th.

The home belonged to Sherry Levanthal, who seemed shocked and excited by the experience in her comments on

“I had breakfast watching the bear out my front window… I don’t think the rest of my life will be as exciting as this morning,” she said.

The team successfully apprehended the trespassing animal after an Environmental Police officer shot it with a tranquilizer gun from a cherry picker. The bear managed to climb 30 ft down before the tranquilizer took effect, leaving him to drop another 20 into the front bushes.

Though scientists acknowledge a general expansion in territory by bears in the area, no one can explain this bear’s determined taste for white collar, New England neighborhoods.

Based on relocation success so far though, I say forget the tranquilizer and set the poor bear up with a real estate agent in the Cape Town area.