For more than 50 years, Outdoor Life encouraged its readers to take the conservation and sportsman’s pledge. The goal of the pledge was simple: to have American hunters and fishermen commit to the ideals of wildlife conservation and the principles of fair chase, and for them to advocate for the rights of sportsmen. Thousands of Americans from all walks of life, up to and including U.S. presidents, took the pledge. None have been more significant than the groups of youngsters who have attended the West Virginia State Conservation Camp. Since the pledge’s introduction they have recited its words at the end of each day at camp.

That’s why we asked the 125 West Virginia high schoolers who attended the 71st annual West Virginia State Conservation Camp to be the very first to renew their commitment to the outdoors and recite the 2012 Outdoor Life Sportsman’s Pledge. Outdoor Life thanks you all for leading the way. Now the time has come for all American Sportsmen to take up the cause. To pledge your support to your outdoor life, go to: