More than 60 years ago, we asked readers to contribute their perspectives on what it means to be an outdoorsman. The product of that discussion was Outdoor Life’s Conservation Pledge, an ecology-era declaration of what we hold most precious, embroidered on a shoulder patch that readers were encouraged to sew onto their field jackets.

It wasn’t just a wearable declaration. Senators and presidents publicly recited the pledge, and it was a fixture of Outdoor Life’s masthead.

Times have changed, and so has our pledge. With the help of our readers, we’ve rewritten the pledge to reaffirm our commitment to hunting, fishing, shooting, and conservation. And we’re no longer asking readers to take the pledge by reciting it. Now you can take the pledge on Facebook and share it on your wall for all your friends to see. We’re going for a million strong and we need your help.

Click here to take the Sportsman’s Pledge!