The Internet continues to churn out video of the “I never thought I’d ever see that on film” variety.

Case in point, this video of a urinating man getting knocked down by a bear chasing an elk. The put-it-on-YouTube-event took place on June 12 in Sweden’s Angraan nature reserve when 61-year-old Ola Akesson paused to relieve himself.

Akesson explained to The “I called to my wife to get out the iPad to film the elk, when all of a sudden she screamed that there was a bear behind me. I turned around and there was a huge bear right beside me — maybe half a meter away, I could have reached out and touched it — but I didn’t even have time to think.”

See the video here.

He didn’t have to time to think because the bear ran right into him, knocking him to the ground. Despite the fall the man was unharmed.

One question: Why was he urinating in sight of his wife?