Ohio hunters Steve Hunt and Rick Lehman got an odd surprise while hunting on the first day of turkey season this April.

The two men were filming their hunt when an errant doe came into view. She approached the decoys and, apparently realizing they were of no threat, started playing with them. The doe then turned her attention toward the two men sitting in their blind. She cautiously approached, smelled the men out, stuck her head inside and allowed herself to be pet. She even stayed long enough to eat a few potato chips from the men’s lunch.

Neither Hunt nor Lehman, who have a combined 50-plus years of hunting experience, said they have ever seen anything like it. The men told that they were deep in the woods in southern Tuscarawas County and nowhere near a petting zoo or large farm that might have hunter-friendly deer. Other than that, the two had no explanation. Hunt did however, have a good answer when asked by the new source if he ever thought of killing the friendly animal.

“There’s a lot of ethics behind hunting it’s not a matter of just going out and killing animals,” Hunt explained. “I don’t go out and kill animals, I hunt animals and yes I do eat what I shoot.”

Good answer, Mr. Hunt. And interesting video.