What single question would you like Mitt Romney to answer as he enters the home stretch in his presidential campaign?

Maybe the Republican candidate’s stance on our 2nd Amendment rights? Or his position on the sale of federal land? How about his support for domestic energy development and mitigation of its impact on our hunting and fishing lands?

In this presidential campaign, we’ve heard an awful lot about national health care, about how each candidate intends to turn our economy around, about Obama and Romney’s positions on foreign policy, gay marriage, and Supreme Court decisions. We even know how much money they have in various personal investments.

But we haven’t heard much in this campaign about the issues that matter to America’s sportsmen: our ability to access public land, how a President Obama in his next term or a President Romney in his first term might address the catastrophic pine-beetle tree kill across our Western forests, whether federal funding for wildlife management might increase or decrease in the next presidential term, or how coastal conservation of marine fisheries might be affected over the next 4 years.

There are a lot of questions that simply aren’t being asked by the political media. It’s up to us to raise the questions that matter most.

We will use your questions — with your name and hometown — and Obama’s and Romney’s answers to them in the magazine’s October issue and here at

One request: it’s fine to use this forum to air your presidential preference, but please ask your question before you anticipate the answer.