Deer hunters are usually rugged men and women who revel in the idea of spending time in the elements, right? Well, we’ve found a few recent exceptions in Minnesota.

These hunters have modified the traditional deer stand to their four-star specifications, creating heated tree house getaways, complete with recliners and electric generators.

Officials have recently been finding extravagant treestands all over St. Louis County public property. These eyesores range from fancy, store bought contraptions to the 20-by-19 foot “treestand” on stilts in the picture above. (I’ve seen smaller apartments in Manhattan!)

The Duluth News Tribune included stairs, shingled roofs, insulation, commercial windows, carpeting, lounge chairs, tables, and propane tanks among the elements turning tree stands into cabins.

County Commissioner, Bobb Krepps, told the Duluth News Tribune, “We’re getting over-built. We’re seeing mansions out there…”

What ever happened to the primal rivalry of man vs. beast?

While it might be nice having toasty feet and an electric coffee maker while its 40 degrees and raining, something about it doesn’t exactly seem sporting.

Comment below and tell us whether you think this treestand is over the top.

-Photo by St. Louis County Department of Lands and Mines.