The Wisconsin DNR board unanimously approved a wolf hunt for this fall with a harvest limit of 201 animals and a permit limit of 2,010.

This is a relatively conservative kill quota, considering the state has an estimated wolf population of 815-880 wolves, according to the DNR.

This from the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel:

“The board was able to vote only on the DNR proposal for wolf quotas, zones and a limited number of specific hunting and trapping rules.
The Legislature and Gov. Scott Walker established most aspects of the hunting and trapping season through Act 169, signed in April.

Act 169 specifies a harvest season from Oct. 15 to the end of February, allows the use of dogs to hunt wolves, allows night hunting and the use of bait.

The law makes Wisconsin the only state to allow the use of dogs to hunt wolves.”_

If all goes as planned and the hunt isn’t hamstrung by a lawsuit, the DNR will take permit applications in August and make licenses available in September.