The growing popularity of archery is now being recognized internationally after the London 2012 Olympic archery competition. NBC announced a record number viewers for the event in the first few days of competition.

So, who do we have to thank for the sport’s trendy status? Is Hollywood’s recent commitment to bow-toting heroes paying off?

NBC’s Sports Group Chairman, Mark Lazarus, seems to think so. According to the Washington Post, Lazarus “… attributed the interest in part to the popularity of ‘The Hunger Games’ getting young people interested in bows and arrows.”

Not to say we told you so… but we did. Back in March we covered an increase in interest and participation in archery following the movie’s box office success (these stats included a 75 percent increase in traffic at Queens’ two indoor archery ranges, according to The New York Daily). Now, in the wake of other big screen archers in “The Avengers” and “Brave,” a spike in stick and string fans seems like a natural consequence.

But the event wasn’t riding on Hollywood hype alone. Lazarus also told the Washington Post that Brady Ellison (and his boyish charm) is another draw for younger fans.

Still not enough? How about throwing in the prestigious history surrounding the venue, Lord’s Cricket Ground, and a dash of controversy over just how bad South Korean archer, Im Dong Hyun’s, vision actually is?

Whatever the reason, Americans continue to invest their attention in the precise, competitive sport.

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