I’ve yet to decide if this combination ranks up there with beer and pork rinds or is as miserable a failure as the joining of Chris Brown and Rihanna (for those of you not up on pop culture the latter is not a good combination).

Patriot LWM Outdoors has unveiled The GunCaseBlanket and it is exactly as the name describes: It’s a gun case that opens up to a blanket.

Stop hitting yourself for not thinking of this. It makes it hard to continue reading.

The GunCaseBlanket is a patent-pending gun case that features Polartec® fleece lining, Climashield® Combat insulation to protect your most valuable firearm and to protect you from the freezing cold.

The case and blanket are camouflaged so it can easily be used in a ground blind or out in the open while the water resistant flocked nylon is designed to make getting to either of those locations extremely quiet. The blanket portion has glove and hand warmer accommodating pockets and additional pockets for a mobile phone, ammunition, flashlight, and other accessories.

Is this the wave of things to come or is it just a Snuggie for the hunting set?

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While you do that I’ll be drinking beer and eating pork rinds while wrapped up in my GunCaseBlanket listening to Rihanna.