Air patrols are flying over Cape Cod to track at least nine great white sharks swimming just offshore of the popular Massachusetts beaches, The Boston Herald reports.

This move comes after Christopher Myers was attacked Monday by a shark believed to be a great white while swimming off Ballston Beach in Truro. Although Meyers was bitten in both legs, he and his son J.J. managed to return to shore alive.

Myers, who is recuperating in Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, told authorities that he feels “quite terrific” considering his ordeal.

Sightings of great whites off the Massachusetts coast have increased dramatically since 2009. Many believe the ever-increasing number of seals and sea lions are the reason why.

Shark researchers such as George Buress from the Florida Museum of Natural History believes that these higher number of sharks will only lead to more human attacks.

“Unless there is a huge modification in human behavior, you can expect more attacks over time,” Buress told the Boston Herald. “It’s something we can predict with some certainty unless people decide not to go in the water. We are not going to eliminate the situation.”

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