A Michigan bowhunter was attacked by a grizzly last week in Idaho while blood trailing an elk he shot with his buddy.

The two men were tracking an elk in Sheridan Creek, west of Shotgun, when they stumbled upon a set of grizzly tracks following the trail. Without a firearm or bear spray, they continued to track the elk.

When they got to the carcass, they found an angry grizzly waiting for them.

This from the Island Park News: _”The bear had claimed the elk as its own. The pair was following the elk’s blood trail when they saw grizzly bear tracks and the bear suddenly charged them. It bit one hunter on the shoulder and then apparently ran back to guard the elk carcass. The hunters were not carrying bear spray or firearms. They hiked four miles out of the backcountry and drove to the Ashton Medical Clinic, where the hunter was treated for minor injuries and released …

Although the incident occurred close to an area where bear bait was recently placed to attract black bears, IDFG is treating the incident as one in which the bear was simply behaving normally — feeding on a carcass it encountered in the forest. Because the grizzly bear appears to only have been defending what it considered to be its food and did not prolong the encounter, IDFG will not risk sending in personnel to investigate the scene until the bear has had a chance to consume the carcass, said Gregg Losinski, IDFG Regional Conservation Educator.”_

Would you have kept following that blood trail without bear spray or a gun (and don’t say ‘it depends how big it was’)? Comment below!