Our Twitter account has almost 18,000 followers. We’ve managed to make 30,000 friends on Facebook. But our Instagram account only has 10 followers. Of course, that’s probably due to the fact that we just started posting photos to Instagram less than a week ago. But still.

If you’re already an Instagrammer, be sure to check us out at Outdoor_Life. If you don’t use Instagram yet, but have an iPhone or Android phone, now’s the time to get on board. With fall finally upon us, we’re going to be sharing photos from all of our upcoming adventures as they happen. We’ll probably run a few hashtag contests with gear giveaways, too, but you’ll only be eligible to win if you follow us on Instagram.

So grab your phone, launch the app, search for “Outdoor_Life” (be sure to separate the two words with an underscore), click follow, and get ready for some sweet shots from around the office and wherever our boots take us…assuming we have cell service, that is.