With its neighbor Wisconsin already locked in a wolf hunting lawsuit, Minnesota is now entering its own legal battle over Canis lupus.

Two anti-hunting groups, The Center for Biological Diversity and Howling for Wolves, are suing Minnesota in hopes of stopping a wolf hunt that is planned for Nov. 3. The groups argue that the state did not offer a long enough public comment period before announcing the hunt.

This from MPR News: “They say the DNR did not provide enough time for public comment before setting up the wolf season. The groups want the Minnesota Court of Appeals to stop the season until there’s a decision on the case.

Wolves were taken off the endangered species list in Minnesota earlier this year and the state Legislature authorized a wolf hunt after a public comment period.”

Minnesota is home to more wolves than any other state in the lower 48. The DNR estimates the wolf population at about 3,000 and that population has been stable for 10 years. The hunt has a target harvest of 400 animals.