A brush with the undead came several days prior to Halloween for Dave Roberts. Dave’s encounter with necromancy came when his truck plowed into a deer on a highway near St. Louis, Missouri.

Dave detailed the accident to KTVI, according to Fox2 Now. “It hit the truck and spun around and smashed my door,” Dave recalls. “I pulled over to the shoulder of the road, backed up and it was dead. I looked at it wasn’t breathing, bleeding from its mouth. So I loaded it in the back of my truck.” Dave drove home then went to the rear of his truck to retrieve the deer. When he opened the tailgate, the deer exploded from the gate almost running into him in the process.

Despite this case of a whitetail returning from the big woods in the sky, Dan Zarlenga of the Missouri Department of Conservation says residents needn’t worry.

“So far we haven’t documented any zombie deer,” Dan promised. “So hopefully there won’t be any anytime soon, although it is near Halloween.” Dan further assured the public by saying that the deer was probably just a victim of the rut.

“Basically what happens in this case is their [deer] hormones take over and they’re pretty much driving the deer to do what they need to do this time of year which is mate.” Unfortunately, that need to mate will never come for the deer Dave hit as its injuries warranted euthanasia.

I’m waiting to see if he comes to life again.