A Michigan man destroyed the homes of 33 people when he tried to burn a squirrel with a propane blowtorch.

The man, who wishes to remain unidentified, (Gee, I wonder why he doesn’t want his name out there) told authorities in Holland, Michigan he was preparing a squirrel for dinner on the deck of his apartment when the accident occurred. The man didn’t want to gut the squirrel so he chose to singe the hair off its body with a propane torch instead.

The squirrel burning quickly got out of hand though and the apartment building went up in flames. Eight apartments were destroyed and 32 people plus the squirrel burner lost the majority of their possessions. The fire was so intense that fire fighters from the neighboring town of Zeeland were called to assist, according to the Daily Mail.

One fire fighter broke his toe during the melee of flames.

It is unknown whether the squirrel was recovered or if the man was able to eat it.