A pronghorn taken by Stan S. Jaksick in Washoe County, Nevada in 2011 is set to be the new Boone & Crockett World Record. The buck’s official entry score of 95-6/8 points makes it 6/8-inch larger than the previous record holder, of which there are two.

That’s right, two.

The pronghorn World Record is currently tied with David Meyer’s 2002 Mohave County, Arizona pronghorn and Dylan Woods’ 2002 Coconino County, Arizona both measuring 95-inches. Both of these bucks helped cement Arizona as the top B&C pronghorn producing state. More top 20 bucks hail from Arizona than anywhere else.
Jaksick’s buck will be the new World Record holder following panel verification, which is standard protocol for any pending World Record.

Here are Jaksick’s buck’s key measurements:

Horn Length: R 17-7/8 L 18-2/8
Prongs: R 6-7/8 L 6-4/8
Bases: R 7-3/8 L 7-3/8